A Letter to Mum

May 1, 2016 DAPA Admin

Mother’s Day is coming. We republish Bowman’s letter to his mum two years ago.


Dear Mum,


I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy Mother’s day. From the heart of the children who cannot express their thoughts freely, you are the most selfless lifelong companion who answers all my requests with utmost patience. I am sorry that I humiliate you from time to time and make you feeling humble unwillingly.

I like where I am working with all my friends helping to improve our smart phone ManyMindsLink application which Differently Abled People Association has allowed us to not only work but to live independently. Our association emphasizes that we should enlighten our burden to society by earning our worth through providing the best informative application and searching tool that even the wealthiest companies fail to deliver. 


When I can live by myself completely, I think mum will laugh loudest from her heart and I think that is the best present that I can offer you. I can now live four days a week by myself with little help from our association and the Supported Living Fund. I am working towards one day being able to go out and buy a present from the money I earn myself. 




Have a good Mother’s Day, Mum.


Best Wishes,


Your Child (Bowman Yu).


1st May, 2014