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November 12, 2019 DAPA Editor

NDIS – DAPA’s Job Creation Initiation with Sunnyfield Sunnyfield and DAPA combines to form Sunnyfield Differently Abled Team engaging in data entry jobs in the IT industry. The first attempt was to create a data entry job for SBS project starting in August for approximately the next two months.

October 4, 2019 DAPA Editor

Download Free Our Ryde (IOS)/(Android) App and receive $30 voucher. Claim at Granny Smith Festival at the DAPA Booth, 1 voucher per person, per device. For first 100 downloads.    

August 9, 2019 DAPA Editor

Stronger Forever Program DAPA has upgraded the Stronger Forever Program Handbook to be in line with NDIS service delivery. It now shows all the services we can provide under different categories, such as Core Support, Capacity Building

July 24, 2019 DAPA Editor

New Office space in Chatswood Starting in July, DAPA will have a new data Collection office in Chatswood within Sunnyfield Enterprise.

June 19, 2019 DAPA Editor

Success for DAPA with another Grant Program: This year, DAPA received a grant for Social Inclusion from Ryde Council to support our local inclusion activity. We would be highlighting some activities through our Our Ryde phone App to encourage local communities and businesses to pay more attention to Inclusion for people with Disabilities and other…

May 15, 2019 DAPA Editor

NDIS–Disability and Inclusion NDIS has opened the application for Information Linkages and Capacity Building grants. Government will give $51m for the next three years for national information program. In this round of community grant, service providers can apply for up to $300,000.