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September 26, 2018 DAPA Editor

NDIS–Transition to Mental Disability Support Many mental patients have suffered disadvantage and/or withdrawn from their daily living and social activities. Sometimes they are prevented or discriminated from employment where support can be a remedy for them to be productive. It is this psychosocail disability that government’s Disability Inclusion Act should also address. Now NDIS has…

September 26, 2018 DAPA Editor

NDIS–Parent’s Choice or Client’s Choice The funding from NDIS is usually to be spent for achieving a particular goal listed in the client’s approved plan. When the approved plan has funding for a support coordinator, a client, or the parent in the case the client cannot make decision, can ask for advice from the support…

July 1, 2018 DAPA Admin

NDIS–Where DAPA can help DAPA, through our Stronger Forever Program, has been registered to provide the following services under NDIS: o Development – Life Skill o Group Centre Activity o Participate Community o Personal Activity High and Assist Personal Activities o Assist Access/Maintain Employment o Household Tasks o Support Coordination

July 1, 2018 DAPA Admin

NDIS–Plan Post Review Appeal Now many participants who live in the northern suburbs of Sydney have had their review done. NDIA expects a steady amount of expense claims for this immediate next period. . However recent examples show that support funding was found unnecessary or unused and therefore caused a reduction of funding in the…

April 11, 2018 DAPA Editor

NDIS–Plan Review Time Reviewing of plans are continuing which is another busy period for the NDIS Local Area Cordinator (LAC). The review is based on the initial approved plan and how it has been delivered.

March 16, 2018 DAPA Editor

NDIS – Where DAPA can help DAPA, through our Stronger Forever Program, has been registered to provide the following services under NDIS: Development – Life Skills Group Centre Activity Participate in Community Personal Activity :High, and Assist Personal Activities Assist Access/Maintain Employment Household Tasks

February 5, 2018 DAPA Admin

NDIS – MYPLACE Participant Portal When you have your NDIS funding approved, you need to know how to see your plan and your budget for the amount of funding you can spend accordingly. That is why you need to use the internet to access the Participant Portal. First, setup MyGov access, then link the NDIS…

January 13, 2018 DAPA Admin

NDIS – the next steps DAPA has the same financial problems like many other established service providers when our participants are undergoing annual reviews. NDIA freezes payment procedures for those clients for nearly a three month period after a review.

December 6, 2017 DAPA Admin

Stronger Forever Program Our people: Ongoing internal training for DAPA support workers is important. As an NDIS registered service provider, we develop newly-joined participants so they achieve their goals, while they are at DAPA.

November 8, 2017 DAPA Admin

NDIS Plan Review By now, many NDIS clients have received their new Plan (funding) after the one year review with their Local Area Coordinator. In preparation for the review, this is an opportunity for questions to be asked. Look at your old plan to see what has and has not been granted, fulfilled or not…