Audacity and Savant – Art Exhibition

March 28, 2018 DAPA Editor

Audacity and Savant – Art Exhibition

An Inclusion Project : Autism is not a barrier to talent Proudly Sponsored by Strathfield Council

Strathfield library
65-67 Rochester St, Homebush NSW 2140
Sat 5/05/2018 10:00am – 4:00pm 
Sun 6/05/2018 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Launch event: 11am-12pm Sat 5/5/18
Complimentary refreshments

Artist : Ping Lian Yeak
Ping is an autistic savant who creates beautiful, detailed depictions of animals and great architectural sites. He is now internationally recognized with his artwork exhibited in New York, UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Korea and Malaysia. He has been featured in many documentaries, television shows and books.

Artist : Bowman Yeochung Yu
Bowman is an audacious artist who was discovered in 2009 by Gaye Flemming at Sunnyfield and exhibited his bold strokes in 2010 at Sydney’s Mori Gallery through Accessible Arts.


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