Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations

February 10, 2023 DAPA Editor

The Chinese New Year Celebrations at Eastwood Plaza on the 28th January was hosted by the Eastwood Chinese Senior Citizens Club. DAPA was a gold sponsor for the event and was honoured with seats with VIP guests in the front row including Mr. Jerome Laxale MP, Mr. Hugh Lee OAM and Mr. Jordan Lane, previous Mayor for Ryde and Current Liberal Party candidate for the upcoming NSW election. The event was later graced by Ms. Tanya Plibersek, Minister for Environment.  

Our participants and staff helped organise the event by arriving early and assisting with the seating arrangements for the Plaza Stage.  

DAPA contributed to several activities in the event including sponsoring ‘The Lion Kids’ to perform a lion dance leading to our office which was joined by the people of the community and our guests and received applause, our sponsor stall where our arts teacher Mrs. Chen taught writing Chinese New Year wishes in calligraphic style to wish people luck for the coming year and finally a live music performance. 

Our participant Bowman played his guitar along with his band of four friends who performed two Chinese songs together. Bowman was extremely proud of his wonderful performance that was thoroughly enjoyed that afternoon. 

Watch Bowman and his band’s performance below. 

There were also other music, art and dance performances from the Eastwood community.

The best part of that afternoon for many DAPA participants was the Lion dance that was performed outside our offices and the photo session that followed afterwards.  

Although the Prime minister was not able to attend this event, he did visit DAPA and the Eastwood community the following week for another Lunar celebration. 

Stay tuned to our blog to view the updates of the Prime Minister’s visit to the Eastwood community and DAPA.