DAPA May-June (COVID-19 Special) Newsletter

July 22, 2020 DAPA Editor

COVID-19 Continues 

In NSW, the government has had regularly updated COVID-19 status and service information like current coronavirus testing sites and available services and restrictions are accessible at https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19. The following procedures, rules and fines are also published below :

Personal Hygiene
regularly wash hands with soap for 20 seconds at least or sanitizer with at minimum
60% alcohol; avoid touching face with unwashed hands; Cover mouth and nose during
coughing and sneezing and put used tissue in covered bins and wash hands after; talk
to doctor and pharmacy to get emergency supply of medication and get flu shot when
available and wipe frequently touched surfaces of furniture, doors and windows with
sanitizer etc and finally do not go outside home unless it is essential (such as shopping,
clinics work and exercise).

May – June 2020 Newsletter (002)