NEWSLETTER (January 2019)

March 20, 2019 DAPA Editor

NDIS–Disability and Employment

We mentioned in our November 2018 Newsletter that studies for service providers, carers, participants and support workers need to be analysed. From 626 service providers surveyed, over 50% of them reporting worse operating environment, and 80% showed sign of uncertainty ( 

The federal government announced a $33m Boosting the Local Care Workforce (BLWC) program in December last year. It is intended to build disability sector capacity and service provider readiness in the lead up to full National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) implementation, and for aged care employers and workers. The Department of Health estimated that there would be a shortage of care workforce by 2020 and this program would add 60,000 new jobs for the disability and aging services.

In our Lunar New Year Dinner event held on 4 February, we were lucky to have Ms. Christine Macqueen, the lead coordinator of the BLCW program for NSW and ACT to explain about the program and its objectives. During the speech she mentioned this message below:

“For participants and families in multi-cultural communities their experiences can also be different to others and it is important that Government gets to understand what those issues are. So, for 2019 I will be working closely with Vincent Yu and the families of DAPA to gather information on what your experiences with the NDIS have been and also to help to put together some examples of ways in which the NDIS can be improved for participants with multiple needs in being active consumers in this new way of providing services.”


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