NEWSLETTER (October 2017)

November 8, 2017 DAPA Admin

NDIS Plan Review

By now, many NDIS clients have received their new Plan (funding) after the one year review with their Local Area Coordinator. In preparation for the review, this is an opportunity for questions to be asked. Look at your old plan to see what has and has not been granted, fulfilled or not spent in the year. For the parts where your request was not granted, can you request with a stronger but more reasonable case? For the unspent funds, ask the support coordinator, local area coordinator or service provider to see if there is any extra help/activities that can be used. Ask friends in your networks for any new activities that can be initiated now and for the new year. It is good to have spent a reasonable proportion of the Plan’s funds; it is likely that there will be a favourable outcome in the review. Mistakes may happen but can be corrected in the following year.

Prior to the review time, redo the current weekly activities to see how it differs with that in the previous plan to check if it would suit better to achieve goals. Consider this as an opportunity for an annual checkup.