President’s speech at Management Committee meeting

February 25, 2023 DAPA Editor

” A visit from an old friend Pej from Croatia yesterday reminded me of ManyMindsLink App ten years ago. I would never think that it has grew into MMLink App with such a lot of contents and has helped many people to learn skills.

DAPA has now had six people including two families in Canberra. Soon another member is going to move there. This year we will make another effort to travel there to visit them. We should continue to help more people to travel to spread our work. Last trip to Canberra, we had a party at Uma’s house with 11 of us travelling from Sydney. Uma spent a lot of effort to cater for us. We would like to see Uma setting up a DAPA branch in Canberra when she retires.

This morning in the Macquarie Park Ryde Business Chamber breakfast meeting, I made a short message to to our MP, Mr. Jerome Laxale as follows:

“DAPA is an NDIS Service Provider. We are working with the government in two areas. We are contributing to reduce NDIS budget in a long run and we are committed to train local care workers. However, English test is currently a barrier to accept care workers to work in Austraalia. Also the federal government reduced trainees’ wage concession from 50% down to only 10%. Hence our training program is difficult to carry out this year.”

This coming month, I would like everyone in our organization to download our MMLink App and become a member through our website That includes all the participants, staff. MC members and also to encourage our volunteers and friends to do the same. Hopefully, we get more feedback to improve our App and our activities.

In March, we should be more active in the International Harmony week starting 21st March every year. I will propose to take MMLink a step closer to the community.”

– Vincent Yu.