Stronger Forever Program



The Stronger Forever Program recognizes the importance of people with disabilities and places emphasis on the individualized rights of their control and choices.


As part of the Stronger Forever program, our participants are supported in their dreams to live independently. This combines employment, recreational programs, fun activities, and life skills training.

The Stronger Forever Program aims to keep participants’ minds and bodies active in addition to work. So varied skills development activities such as living skills, arts, music, games, as well as health and fitness activities like sports and dance are inserted into our weekly programs.

With our living skill training, we hope that our participants will gain the confidence to mingle and to enjoy life and friendships within an inclusive community.


At DAPA our Daily program is tailored to cater to the needs of the participant. Below are some of the programs and training that our participants receive as a part of the Stronger Forever program



Job Training

DAPA provides job training to participants. We train and encourage day-to-day routine habits for working in the real world. These activities include data entry and site research, increasing participant engagement, awareness of WHS requirements, attendance and absence, performance in delivering against targets etc.

Communication Development

Through a variety of opportunities and programs, DAPA trains people with disability to improve their communication and social skills, develop their social networks as well as build their confidence.


Living Skills Development

We provide support and training to enable people with disability to develop skills required to assist in living as independently as possible, such as cooking, cleaning, self management etc.

IT Training

At DAPA, all the participants are trained to be competent to do data entry for our Mobile App projects, which provide good job opportunities in IT industry.  In addition, DAPA provides a good place for the participants to learn various and practical IT skills, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Software, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile usage as well as Website Development.


Art Training

We are striving to be a centre of excellence in the field of arts. Teaching the people with disability to do drawing and painting is one of our major programs,  which give them opportunities to develop their art talent and display their art works.

Community Participation

DAPA regularly participates in various activities in the community and gives performances and presentations, which can discover and develop the ability and talent of young people with disability, meanwhile serving the community.


Recreational Programs

DAPA is also a good place for people with disability to enjoy various leisure activities. Music is used for recreation, fun as well as therapy provided by our qualified music teacher. Having fun and socializing with friends is a major part of DAPA and we try to embed the element of recreation across all our programs. We also encourage the participants to involve in various other activities, such as playing chess, sporting, outing, etc.