January 23, 2023
Deepika Raj

January Newsletter

Coming Events this month

Lunar New Year at Eastwood 

The annual Year of the Rabbit Chinese New Year Celebrations is being held at Eastwood Plaza on the 28th of January, from 10am to 1pm. 

DAPA will be partly sponsoring the event and our own participants will be performing a live music performance, along with a special lion dance for the Lunar New Year. 

DAPA Participants are also putting up an Art Exhibition displaying the art made by our participants and a sponsor stall where you can learn how to cultivate plants and meet our employees for a chat about us and our programs. 

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April 29, 2022
DAPA Editor

KURRINGAI Fun Run 2022 Registrations Open

Kurringai Fun Run 2022 (Registration Open)

Kurringai Fun Run 2022 Registration Open, come participate and have fun connecting with local communities and running to raise funds for a good cause.


March 4, 2022
DAPA Editor

DAPA MMLINK V2 Announcemnt!


DAPA developed an inclusive utility app for people with a disability such that it will overcome many barriers to enable them to live independently with or without a support person. It uses pictures and voices to help people to locate places of importance as well as helping them to budget and to print their shopping list. Other functions are also important for carer to find their subject that being cared for or to find that a fall has happened to the person being cared for. we have updated to  Version 2